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# When you are posting more than 4 icons, please use the LJ-Cut feature. Also, if you are posting ANY banners or graphics larger than 100x100, then please place them under a cut. If you are unsure how to do this, then go here. For those users with dial-up, or older computers, it can be incredibly annoying to wait for a lot of pictures to load. This will be strictly enforced.

# ANY icons or banners that contain yaoi, yuri, or het that could be classed as R-Rated must be placed under an LJ-Cut. Some people access this community from schools, or their place of work, and it should be made safe for them to do so. Also, there are minors who access this community, and regardless of what they choose to read, equally they should be protected from anything unsuitable should they choose not to.

# ALL hentai icons are to be placed under an LJ-Cut, and they MUST be anime based. If they are not, they will be deleted immediately.

# Particpation is a must. Please don't join and then never look at this place again. Post icons, post comments, just make sure you particpate.

# Be respectful of others. Anyone that makes abusive comments to another member, either a personal attack, or an attack on their icons, will be warned, and if the matter continues, banned and reported to Livejournal staff.

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